Dong Jiao Zong Development of Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools Working Committee (MICSS)

The implementation of the Education Act 1961 in Malaysia has led to the conversion of many Chinese Secondary Schools into English Secondary Schools, whereas those that refused to convert became Independent Chinese Secondary Schools. Following this crises of restructuring of schools, situations plunged into a low point for the running of Independent Chinese Secondary Schools. Due to the lack of subsidies from the government, these Independent Chinese Secondary Schools were suffering from the lack of funds and rapid decline in the numbers of students, with their survival and development in great crisis.

The Chinese community, in order to save the Chinese mother-tongue education, started a mighty Revival Movement for Independent Chinese Secondary Schools in the 1970s. The torch of the movement was first lit in Perak, to which overwhelming response was then received across the country. In 1973, Dong Jiao Zong convened the General Assembly of the National Movement of the Development of Independent Chinese Secondary Schools and accepted the Recommendations for Chinese Independent Secondary Schools, and established the Dong Jiao Zong Development of Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools Working Committee (MICSS).

The main obligation of the MICSS is to develop Chinese Independent Secondary Schools and to promote and maximise the advantages of mother-tongue education on the basis of implementing the Recommendations for Chinese Independent Secondary Schools. Various work units have been set up by the MICSS for the tasks of compiling unified textbooks, conducting unified examinations, and promoting the training of teachers, vocational education, guidance to students on furthering their studies, student activities, fund-raisings, etc.

Dong Zong and Jiao Zong appoint 26 representatives to the MICSS, and also nominate 13 members from persons or organisations who are actively involved in the Chinese education to be the Nominated Member when first of Joint Session for 26 representatives from Dong Zong and Jiao Zong.

The administrative operations of the MICSS are carried out by the administration department of Dong Zong. Dong Zong is responsible for hiring staff to implement the work of the MICSS.