Curriculum Department

Introduction of the Curriculum Department

Since the Revival Movement of Independent Chinese  Secondary Schools in the early 1970s, Dong Jiao Zong, in order to seek the overall development of the Independent Chinese Secondary Schools, convened the General Assembly of the National Movement in Kuala Lumpur on 16 December 1973 on issues such as curriculum, examination, teachers, student pathways and accepted the ‘Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary School (MICSS) Proposal’, which pointed out in the ‘Unified Curriculum’ section: Independent Chinese Secondary Schools have a unified education policy, therefore they should have a unified curriculum. In the Unified Curriculum, Chinese language is used as the primary medium of instruction, however, in coordination with the necessity of the circumstances, we also promote Malay language learning to understand the thinking and feeling of other races. In the meantime, we should also enhance English language teaching to meet the requirements of the circumstances around the world.

The principle of the Unified Curriculum should be coordinated with the necessity of the circumstances in our country. Nevertheless, we should also retain and develop Chinese cultural heritage. We could create a new culture for our multi-ethnic society in accordance with the Rukun Negara. In the meantime, the Unified Curriculum should meet the criteria of secondary education around the world, it should also be compatible with the benefit of the multi-ethnic society in developing countries, as well as consisting the knowledge of the modern era.

Curriculum Department is a unit under the Educational Affairs Division of the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong). Its operation and development are overseen by the Unified Curriculum Committee of Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary School (MICSS) Working Committee. Curriculum Department is responsible for the curriculum development and textbook compilation of Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools, following the “2018 MICSS Education Blueprint” to promote curriculum reform and implement the “MICSS Main Curriculum Standard”.


Responsibilities of the department:

  1. Establish the curriculum system of MICSS;
  2. Formulate and revise the curriculum standard of MICSS;
  3. Compile and revise the textbooks and other teaching materials of MICSS; and
  4. Assist in the implementation and evaluation of the curriculum.


Contact info:

Telephone: 03-8736 2337  Ext: 222/352

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