Secretariat Office

Introduction of the Secretariat Office

Secretariat office is directly under CEO, assist CEO office negotiate and communicate within each departments internally, relationship, invitation and receptionist jobs externally.

Internally, main duty is to organize monthly execute meeting,  other executive work meeting and yearly job planning, to compile various reports and follow up on the execution of agendas. Roll down the job duties assigned to each departments, communicate, negotiate and follow up. Other than that, include also execute or coordinate project activities.

Externally, to arrange representatives to attend various invited activities, welcoming guests, in charge of the speech announcement, interview, etc.


Department Duties

  1. Organize monthly execute meeting, yearly KPI and job planning and budget meeting.
  2. Plan and review annual job planning.
  3. Arrange representatives to attend various invited activities nationwide and overseas.
  4. Welcoming guest and visitors from nationwide and overseas.
  5. Manage of the release of speech, announcement, declaration, greetings.
  6. Manage of the external emails from association official email.
  7. Execute or coordinate project activities.


Contact info:

Telephone: 03-8736 2337  Ext: 300

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.