Resource & Information Department

Introduction of the Resource & Information Department

The Resource & Information Department manages Dong Zong’s data and propaganda materials. It has three core businesses as follows: (1) collecting and managing various educational documents and archives; (2) analysing and researching educational topics; and (3) assisting Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools (MICSS) to promote the development of library and school history library. In addition, the department also involves in editing and compiling of “Malaysian Education Review”. With this biannual publication, it provides a platform to explore Chinese education and deepen the theoretical construction of the Chinese Education Movement.

Responsibilities of the department:

  1. Collect and manage the collected data;
  2. Collect and manage the archives of Dong Zong;
  3. Analyse and research educational topics;
  4. Study, discuss and draft the propaganda materials; and
  5. Promote the development of library and school history exhibition of MICSS.


Contact info:

Telephone: 03-8736 2337  Ext: 235/236/240/226/271/241

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.