Rational Dialogue for Educational Issues—Dong Zong Seconds the New Government’s Economic Priority Policy  

Statement Released by Dong Zong

November 29, 2022

Rational Dialogue for Educational Issues—Dong Zong Seconds the New Government’s Economic Priority Policy


The new coalition government has set sail soon after the 15th Election, while the nation is expecting the governance blueprint to be forwarded by our Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. At the backdrop—to our regret—excessive rendering and hype of the UEC issue aiming to stir up social conflict and disputes is still ongoing. Compliantly, Dong Zong observes the decree of the Supreme Head of Malaysia in support of the new government’s economic priority policy to upgrade people’s livelihood and foster social harmony. We understand the apprehension of the Malay community and are willing to initiate dialogue with all social strata concerned with the greatest and most sincere endeavour. Our aim is to enhance understanding and build up mutual trust, besides garnering consensus in bid to mull over the said educational issues rationally and pragmatically.


The joint conference held by Dong Zong recently was one of its annual meetings; it is where the views and opinions on education from its member states are collected, for the purpose of data and evidence-generated proposal to be submitted to the MOE. In this recent conference, eleven proposals were raised: they comprise prosperity-related education system as well as the educational rights of diverse ethnic groups and all social strata, apart from the establishment of educational supervision committee to bridge urban and rural gap and multi-cultural education policy formulation to fairly treat all streams of schools. The proposals mentioned reflect the consistent position of Dong Zong, that is, to always keep a watchful eye on diversity equality to assure mother tongue education right and safeguard multiculture. We strongly believe, the country can develop competitiveness merely when education system deviation redressed and educational opportunity and resource adequately distributed.


The recognition and acceptance of the UEC is an academic and educational issue; as such, we entreat it to be appraised rationally. On this matter, we urge all walks of life not to treat the UEC issue as a political capital by rendering and hyping it excessively with agenda. Dong Zong devotes on producing talents and polymaths for the country hence the UEC issue needs to be assessed from both the academic and professional aspects. The entire curriculum of the Independent Chinese Secondary School, History subject inclusive, is designed and formulated in compliance with the national curriculum; meaning, it adheres strictly to the national curriculum standards issued by the MOE in the formulation process. As it stands, Bahasa Melayu the national language is a required subject which accords with the Constitution, National Principles and the diversity inherence of the country. The core education goal of the MICSS is to mould and nurture its students’ learning and competencies which goes symmetrically with the international education trend. The UEC is an academic evaluation, like STPM examination, International Baccalaureate and ‘A’ Level in essence, only not a political benchmark; politicians should not overinterpret it with ulterior motives. Modestly, we are willing to listen to any comments for improvement on the MICSS curriculum.


Immediately after the 15th Election, there is an imminent need for trade and profession recovery as our country cannot afford dissipation of sorts. In the face of challenges and difficulties, Dong Zong sides the newly established government’s position—economic priority—for the interests of the public which radically demands good and incorrupt governance to resume judicial independence and repeal draconian laws, let alone addressing people’s livelihood, generating economic development, facilitating rational dialogue, building up unity and solidarity in order to live up to its mandate.