Mutual Dialogue Proposed by Anwar Welcomed—All Parties Should Settle the Dispute Rationally

Joint Statement Made by Dong Zong and Jiao Zong

December 24, 2019

Mutual Dialogue Proposed by Anwar Welcomed—All Parties Should Settle the Dispute Rationally


In response to Mr Anwar Ibrahim’s (the President of the People’s Justice Party) statement dated 23 December 2019 suggesting the parties concerned to settle the Jawi Scripts Learning matter through further dialogue, Dong Jiao Zong herewith pronounces:

  1. Dong Jiao Zong welcomes Mr Anwar Ibrahim’s concern over the Jawi Scripts Learning imposed on national-typed Chinese and Tamil primary schools and agrees with his proposal, viz., to properly settle the dispute through mutual dialogue;
  2. Dong Jiao Zong reiterates its position to always safeguard Bahasa Melayu as the national language and has never at any moment protested against Jawi scripts. Dong Jiao Zong is indeed much delighted to see that calligraphies of the ethnic groups are introduced in a pluralistic approach such as the way calligraphies are presented in the existing primary school Grade Five Bahasa Melayu coursebook;
  3. Dong Jiao Zong stands its position firmly from the commencement that multiculturalism in this country must be upheld through rational and compassionate approach. Whether it is before or after the December 28 Joint Congress, Dong Jiao Zong will take the initiative to earnestly communicate and exchange with the parties and stakeholders involved, in particular the Minister of Education Dr Maszlee Malik and other non-government associations, seeking after racial understanding for an adequate solution; and
  4. Dong Jiao Zong posits that the Board of Directors is the baby-sitter of national-typed Chinese and Tamil primary schools, its force is formed by members from all walks of life, including parents, alumni, sponsors, trustees and government representatives. Concurrently, 1996 Education Act likewise grants the Board of Directors sovereign rights in these schools. Therefore, Dong Jiao Zong believes that on the Jawi Scripts Learning matter, the Board of Directors of national-typed primary schools must be the decision-maker.