Vernacular Schools Generate Disunity Refuted Unjust Policy is the Cause of National Disunity

Joint Statement Released by Dong Zong and Jiao Zong

August 18, 2020

Vernacular Schools Generate Disunity Refuted

Unjust Policy is the Cause of National Disunity


Dong Jiao Zong refutes Kinabatangan (Sabah) MP Bung Mokhtar Radin’s recent remarks claiming that “the existence of vernacular schools is the cause of disunity” and posits that the government needs to face the multiracial reality of the country since earning its independence and should feel proud of its multicultural coexistence. Dong Jiao Zong also cautions the raise of religious and political extremism which essentially impacts the country’s multiplicity and national integrity.


We should note that vernacular schools have existed long before independence and the rights of mother tongue education endowed by the Constitution as well as the safeguard of multiethnic, religious, cultural and educational reality was the social contract unanimously agreed upon by all ethnic groups while fighting for its independence. Notwithstanding the medium of instruction differs in both Chinese and Indian primary schools, the national curriculum is strictly observed and Bahasa Melayu and English are the required subjects taught and examined.


As it stands, national-type schools, religious schools, independent Chinese secondary schools, private schools, international schools or other type of schools exist in responsive to the change of era and social needs. They in true fact have coexisted harmoniously for long and have produced polymaths for the country continuously which are undeniable. In this vein, we strongly believe that vernacular schools do not cause national disunity; rather, unfair policies practiced by the government are the roots of the problem.


Other than ensuring the right to education, the government is expected to raise just and effective education resource distribution strategies and nurture polymaths of various sorts; in particular on fundamental education, the government is obliged by law to uphold minority groups and under privileged groups, shorten the distance between urban and rural area thus to promote social mobility and create a harmonious and stable society. The blessed multicultural reality of Malaysia has never been the original sin of national disunity. To firstly embrace multiple coexistences as well as maintaining the fertile soil of multiplicity later can competitiveness then be promoted in the society to generate pluralistic, variegated and spectacular vitality.


The preposterous comments made by selfish politicians regularly to incite racial sentiments and create confrontation are in true fact the cause of social disunity and the impediment of advancement towards national unity and integrity. Bung Mokhtar Radin’s repugnant paradoxes voices in the parliament albeit enjoying legislative immunity is generally predicted to be controversial and unfounded which are unfaithful to the truth. The duty and responsibility of a parliament member is to be the mouthpiece of the people, supervise the government, audit national budget and partake legislative debates. Ever since the party alteration in the country, Malaysians are enlightened and thus the situation defers. We therefore earnestly advise politicians in general to speak prudentially and cautiously and stay away from dereliction.