Dong Jiao Zong Rebuts Muhyiddin’s View MICSS Curriculum Dovetails Malaysia’s Reality

Statement Released by Dong Zong

January 11, 2017

Dong Jiao Zong Rebuts Muhyiddin’s View

MICSS Curriculum Dovetails Malaysia’s Reality


With respect to the former Deputy Prime Minister cum Education Minister, the President of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Haji Muhammad Yassin’s claim that Dong Zong is extremist in attitude on the UEC official recognition issue and uncompromising in the amendment of MICSS curriculum as well as pointing out the MICSS History curriculum standard lacks national value and thus cannot meet the country’s inspiration and that being the reason why the UEC is hitherto unrecognised when interviewed by Chinese media, Dong Zong hereby responds as follows: 


1. Dong Zong solemnly declares, Malaysia as a multiplicity nation, whether it was before or after independence for nearly sixty years now, multi-race, multi-culture and multi-religion is always her real and inherent nature. The acts to deny multiracial reality in nation founding and to destruct the abundant multicultural reality in social development hoping to impede national unity and advancement engaged by individuals or organisations in this multiracial, multicultural and multilingual characterised country treasured by many as legacy are essentially detrimental to advancement, national unity and integrity.


2. Dong Zong reiterates, the MICSS unified curriculum is formulated and designed attuned to the multiplicity reality of the country as well as the latest international secondary education curriculum standard. The MICSS unified curriculum, including the History subject, observes and adapts the national curriculum as blueprint in the process of formulation. Further, it also fully embodies localisation and pluralism, let alone the nurture of domestic and world view embedded. Patriotism is highlighted in the MICSS unified curriculum and competences like morality, intelligence, physical health, teamwork and aesthetics are focused to dovetail with the country’s multiplicity reality. In retrospect, the national History coursebooks which disarray our country’s multiplicity reality yet side a particular ethnic group and religion in a narrow minded and unitary historical view need to be redressed imminently by the government and Ministry of Education. As such, any assertion alleging that Dong Zong and MICSS unified curriculum are extremist and removed from the reality is nothing but smear and ignorant of the facts, if anything, topsy turvy.


Further, Dong Jiao Zong reckons Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Haji Muhammad Yassin who had assumed the Deputy Prime Minister cum Education Minister indifferent to the country’s multiplicity nature and his related comments strongly supports his unitary mindset in the person of both a conformist and executor who in reality obstructs and destructs the country’s multiplicity development. That said, his preposterous allegation that Dong Zong is extremist in attitude on the UEC recognition issue and uncompromising in the amendment of MICSS unified curriculum is predictable.


3. Moreover, Dong Zong also wants to point out the UEC has been recognised and accepted by many top universities around the world, and the contributions independent Chinese secondary schools have made in producing polymaths for the country over the decades is undeniable. If what Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Haji Muhammad Yassin has claimed rings true, viz., MICSS unified curriculum disarrays the national education principle, his decision is essentially inconsistent when he allowed UEC holders to enter teacher training college during his office as he highlighted in the media interview. Tan Sri Muhyiddin bin Haji Muhammad Yassin’s inconsistency in words and behaviours saliently indicates the government’s refusal to recognise the UEC formally has little to do with Dong Zong’s uncompromising stance in the MICSS curriculum amendment as well as its incongruence with the national education principle. Noting this, Dong Zong wishes all parties would review the UEC recognition issue from an educational and academic aspect but not political.


4. Dong Zong herewith posits, the fight for the UEC recognition formally has always been the expectation of the Chinese community; it is intended for the production and pooling of polymaths for the country auguring prosperity and national unity.  On the fight of the UEC official recognition, Dong Zong is neither supercilious nor obsequious and will argue on the basis of reason; rather, Dong Zong would not stoop to compromise for the UEC recognition if it were to abandon its stance in the safeguard of mother tongue education.


5. Dong Zong implores all political parties to discern that the UEC recognition has always been the wish of the Chinese community, thus sincerity and kindness is expected when approaching Dong Zong for dialogue and interaction for a speedy solution amenable to public needs. In the next impending election, all political parties are expected to mould an authentic democratic, open and equal multi-educational milieu. In the election manifesto, their decided stance whether to oppose or support the UEC recognition officially is greatly appreciated.