2016年中学生国际文化体验营开幕礼 董总首席执行长孔婉莹讲词



地点:Pusat Agro Tourism Homestay Sungai Sireh, Kuala Selangor




Encik Md Saad Bin Mahsah, Product Development Manager Tourism Selangor Sdn Bhd,

Encik Abu Bakar Moin, Chairman of Kg Sg Sireh Homestay,

雪州旅游局、Kg Sg Sireh Homestay团队、董总出版局同仁、校长、老师、同学们,




首先,我谨代表董总及全体学员向马来同胞,尤其是雪州旅游局及Kg Sg Sireh Homestay的团队说声:Selamat Hari Raya Aidifitri。感谢你们在欢庆佳节的同时,仍然坚守岗位,全力给予我们协助,非常感谢!










活动在今天正式进入“体验马来文化村庄风情”的项目。非常荣幸的,我们获得雪州旅游局的全力支持,在适耕庄和瓜拉雪兰莪甘榜双溪希列 (Kg Sg Sireh)进行马来文化体验活动。








“2016 International Culture Camp for Secondary School Students”

Opening Speech by Dong Zong’s CEO Miss Hong Woan Ying



Date:     10th July 2016 (Sunday)

Time:     5.00pm

Venue:    Pusat Agro Tourism Homestay Sg Sireh, Kuala Selangor



Honourable YB Ng Suee Lim (ADUN Sekinchan),

Encik Md Saad Bin Mahsah, Product Development Manager Tourism Selangor Sdn Bhd,

Encik Abu Bakar Moin, Chairman of Kg Sg Sireh Homestay,

Officers & Staff Team of Selangor Tourism Board,

The distinguished visitors and participating groups - the Principals, Leaders & Head-teachers of Malaysia & Taiwan Secondary Schools, our Staff members of Dong Zong Publishing Department, Working Committee Members and Team mates,



A Good Evening to you all and a warm welcome for your presence here.


First and foremost, on behalf of Dong Zong and all the participating groups, let me extend our heartfelt warm wishes to all our Malay friends, especially the diligent Officers & Staff Team of Selangor Tourism Board, A “Selamat Hari Raya Aidifitri to you all!”.


In our deepest heartfelt appreciation for your still holding fast to your hard work despite enjoying your holiday festive celebration with your families, we would like to thank you very much for giving us your full support and valuable assistance of which if without your kindest help, we would not be able to launch our camp programmes successfully!


This programme of “International Culture Camp for Secondary School Students” is launched by Dong Zong’s Monthly Magazine, ‘Majalah Pelajar’ - it comprises, on the whole, 68 students and teachers from 10 Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary Schools & National Secondary Schools, as well as 43 students and teachers from 2 Taiwan National Secondary Schools, altogether 111 (one hundred and eleven) of them who will join us as a big group to experience in live, our rich, diversified cultures of the three main ethnic people, the Malays, the Chinese & the Indians in Peninsular Malaysia.


There will be 7 days of cultural events, and today, we officially embark on a series of “An unusual cultural homestay experience in a traditional Malay village”; we are deeply honoured to gain the full support from Selangor Tourism Board to carry out the homestay activities located at Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor Kampung Sungai Sireh.


Sekinchan is our local, famous tourist spot, and Kampung Sungai Sireh is a typical Malay village with very unique features to offer to the visitors. Under the sponsorship and wonderful arrangement provided by Selangor Tourism Board, our students will be able to have a real experience of the Malay homestay village life and Malay customs, enjoy their special drinks and local food of Malay cuisine, as well as the making of the traditional Malay handicraft.


These events, not only enrich our local students with fascinating cultural experiences but also provide exotic and stimulating cultural experiences for the two foreign schools’ students to bring home with them a camp life that will be unforgettable and memorable.


Lastly, I, on behalf of Dong Zong, would like to express my deepest gratitude to the various units that have contributed your co operations and help. If without your full support and wholehearted assistance, this programme for “International Culture Camp for Secondary School Students” will not be accomplished. Wishing all our camp activities to run smoothly and your journey of the new exciting experiences will be successfully fulfilled!


I wish everyone good health and all the best. Thank you!

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