Teacher Education Department

Introduction of the Teachers' Education Department

The Teachers’ Education Department is led by Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Educational Affair Division), with the supervision of the Teachers’ Education Committee, responsible for the professional development of Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary School (Henceforth MICSS) teachers, developing teacher training resources, and organising teacher training courses to realise the goal of teacher professionalism.


Responsibilities of the department:

The responsibilities are basically to propagate "MICSS Education Blueprint" and enhance the overall teacher development programmes as follows:

  1. Organising in-service teacher training courses and enhancing teacher professionalism;
  2. Providing induction training to newly recruited teachers, strengthening their teaching profession and professional development;
  3. Promoting the teacher training programmes and reserving the prospective teachers for Independent Chinese Secondary Schools;
  4. Training and nurturing principals and administrative assistants, reserving managerial staff for Independent Chinese Secondary Schools;
  5. Cooperating and alliancing with foreign normal (teacher training) universities, and jointly organising Diploma in Education for the existing Independent Chinese Secondary School teachers;
  6. Seeking welfare and fringe benefits for Independent Chinese Secondary School teachers, and stabilise the development of teacher professional group; and
  7. Supporting small-scaled Independent Chinese Secondary School programmes, and enhancing their academic and curricular performance.


Contact info:

Telephone: 03-8736 2337  Ext: 265

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