Rejection Stance on Jawi Script Implementation Remains Dong Zong Welcomes Examination from All Social Sectors

Statement Released by Dong Zong

December 9, 2020

Rejection Stance on Jawi Script Implementation Remains

Dong Zong Welcomes Examination from All Social Sectors

The news entitled “Perlu ikut prinsip Kepelbagaian budaya, kata Dong Zong” reported on Sinar Harian recently interpreting Dong Zong President Tan Tai Kim’s interview response was partially incorrect as it generated confusion belying the connotation of the title. Dong Zong deeply regrets and herewith rectifies in this statement.

Most of the aforementioned news reports quoted Tan Tai Kim’s address correctly yet the interpretation in the first paragraph was incorrect resulting in quotation out of context by many, including the former Minister of Education Dr Maszlee.

In actual fact, Dong Zong has unswerving stance on the Jawi script issue and hopes all walks of life can grasp the gist and comprehend thoroughly such that it is not misinterpreted. The fact being, while Tan Tai Kim, the president of Dong Zong was interviewed by Sinar Harian, he spoke in consonance with the joint statement released by Dong Zong and Jiao Zong on November 21, 2020. That is, Dong Jiao Zong disagrees with the Jawi teaching implementation in vernacular primary schools’ Bahasa Melayu subject, but reiterates Dong Jiao Zong does not oppose to the learning of other ethnic groups’ language and writing, including that of Jawi scripts as long as it attunes with the multiplicity principle. The Ministry of Education is recommended to refer to the unit introducing calligraphies of all ethnic groups in the country in Grade Five Bahasa Melayu coursebook which has been used since 2015 as it accords well with multi-coexistence spirit.

The stance rejecting Jawi learning in Grade Four Bahasa Melayu coursebook is consistent with the joint statement carrying five major points made by Dong Zong together with some Chinese and Indian organisation submitted to the then Minister of the Prime Minister’s Department Mukashi on 15 January 2020; the statement not only proves that whether it is in the face of Pakatan Harapan or Perikatan Nasional government, Dong Zong is firm in its rejection stance on the Jawi script learning.

We welcome all social sectors to refer to the above statement and announcement released by us Dong Zong on the Jawi script issue. At any rate, our stance is open for examination for the sake of collaborative progression.