Affirmation of Multi-stream Education System Call for Fair Treatment of Mother Tongue Education

Joint Statement made by Dong Zong and Jiao Zong


Affirmation of Multi-stream Education System

Call for Fair Treatment of Mother Tongue Education


In response to the announcement made by the Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik stating that the Ministry of Education would look into the proposal of a single-stream education raised by Tariq Ismail, Supreme Director of the Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), Dong Jiao Zong herewith expresses its regret and disappointment, and forwards this responsive pronouncement:

  1. Dong Jiao Zong expresses disappointment and dissatisfaction in the fact that the Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik did not rectify or reject the proposal of single-stream education, but rather, saying that the proposal would be mooted. This response completely ignores the approved multi-stream education in the national education system since the independence of Malaysia.


  1. Dong Jiao Zong emphasises that multi-stream education system is not only a social contract in the making of our country, but also the rights granted by the Federal Constitution to maintain mother tongue education of each ethnic group. Such rights cannot be arbitrarily deprived. As subjects of the country, we have the duty to protect her valuable asset and strengthen her always as this multi-stream education system is in line with the harmony and needs of her diverse societal structure.


  1. Dong Jiao Zong severely condemns those politicians and extremists who have repeatedly challenged the constitutional rights of each ethnic group to develop their own mother tongue education by defying the existence of multi-stream school system. This will only cause further suspicion and misunderstanding among the society, resulting in unnecessary tension.


  1. Dong Jiao Zong urges the government to deliberate its next cause of actions to stop any rhetoric that undermines multi-stream education system in the country. Instead of holding onto the conservative and narrow-minded idea of single-stream education system, we should embrace and strengthen multi-stream education system, and treat mother tongue education of all ethnic groups fairly. This is to enhance the country’s competitiveness and promote its overall development.